Terms of Service

When you place an order/create an account on our shop, you are automatically agreeing to the following:

We do not provide any payment method refunds under any circumstances. Each product has a warranty stated with the product, should one not have one listed, it will be assumed as only a 24-hour warranty. From the moment that your warranty expires (starts as soon as the purchased product is delivered), we are no longer responsible for offering you any replacements or refunds and we take no further actions on the order.

The only case we will offer future replacements is when you reached out to us via ticket or replacement prior to the expiration of the warranty, and the issue, without a doubt was related to us or an invalid product.

Replacements are only offered when we can verify the issue was related to an invalid capture or an error on our end. We DO NOT offer replacements for you using the method wrongly, or not following instructions. If we offer too many replacements, and its clear you are doing something wrong on your end, we will not replace you. 

The use of our site is your agreement to these terms of service.