Meijer Rewards

Meijer Rewards

Rewards that can be applied when shopping at Meijer

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There is a 24-hour warranty on this product. We will not honor any replacements outside of the warranty. 

The warranty covers issues with incorrect balance. 

1000 Points = $1.00

How do I use this product?

Self Checkout:

1. Login to app/site and Verify Points 

2. Click “Claim” In the Rewards Tab

3. Select Which Coupons you would like to use. ( You are able to add 1x of the $50, $40, $30 Each to the total cart, but then you are able to Stack as many $20 Coupons on one purchase as possible.

4. Click the name in the top right.

5. Click “Account Settings” and Re-enter the password.

6. You will see the Phone number and “Meijer ID Pin”

7. Scan your items at the self checkout, Then click the mPerks button on the screen.

8. Type in the Phone number that is given in the app. 

9. On the Card reader it will ask for  the Meijer ID Pin. Type that 4 digit pin in.

10. Select the Coupons shown on the checkout screen and click Yes.

Disclaimer: Make sure your Cart Total is more than the coupon. It will not go through if the Coupon is higher than the total

Meijer Site:

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