Frequently Asked Questions

Gift Cards cannot be used on the app associated with the Brand. Instead, you must install a third-party app to put the card details into. This app will generate a code for the cashier to scan upon checkout. There are quite a few of these apps out there, but we recommend StoCard. You do not need the PIN in order to use a card, only to check balance online.
Each product has a different balance check website. The website will be listed on the respective product information.
For certain products (listed in the product description) you will be able to replace it automatically if there is an incorrect balance. If you request too many replacements, or auto-replacements are disabled, you should create a ticket via the ticket center for assistance. (You must create an account for this).
Yes. Most locations for most stores/restaurants will accept multiple gift-cards at once. Check the specific product information to know exactly.
You can use this balance to purchase any product on our shop, assuming you have enough. You can also Topup your balance anytime with the 'Topup' button in the user dashboard.
Instead of pasting in a long orderID, you will simply send the desired amount to the cashapp tag displayed with the respective order note. **You MUST include the order note it requests**. Upon purchase, you must paste in the direct URL to the payment (There are examples on our discord server, in the #new-site-faqs channel). You should be emailed upon creation of the order so you can access it directly on your phone (you must sign in). Then paste it into the box (you can do either just the unique number, or the full URL - both works)
You MUST have an account first to create a ticket. Then navigate to the User Dashboard, and press the 'Tickets' tab. You can create a ticket here. You will be notified via email when your ticket is replied too.
It is recommended highly to create an account before making an order, so your orders can be tracked. If you have an account, navigate to the User Dashboard, and then 'Orders'. Find the selected order, and then find the unworking code/account and press 'Request Replacement'. You can write in why you are requesting replacement, and then submit the request. Staff will approve/deny your replacement, and issue you a replacement accordingly.
For some accounts, mainly streaming ones, we have enabled automatic replacements within the warranty. That means you get *one* replacement that will be issued to you automatically. Any future ones would be sent to staff for approval. We will be monitoring auto-replacements, and if we notice false replacement requests, we will ban you from the site.
You should create/sign into your account, and then go to the User Dashboard and create a ticket in the 'Tickets' section.
Review each product description, they all have instructions included.